Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

People selling houses often make mistakes. Whether it be little or small, everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days. Mistakes are common in any business, but when you’re selling a house it’s in your best interest for you to avoid mistakes all together. It’ll be difficult to be perfect, but here are some common mistakes to avoid when you’re selling your home.

1. Pricing.

Improper pricing is a very common mistake people make. Usually, people set the price too high, because of this it will sit on the market unsold. Unsold properties are a red flag to agents, and buyers due to the stigma they receive as people assume there is something wrong with the home. This usually means that people will no longer even bother looking at it. Setting the price too low is also a big deal. Too low and you could lose thousands of dollars in profit. Talk to your agent and let him or her guide you on the price. Agents know the market and will be able to help you set a price.

2. Accessibility

Another problem is poor accessibility. Some people have just a lock box, allowing for last minute showing. Other people require appointment only making it more of a hassle for their home to be viewed. Make your house easy to show, and you’ll have more people looking at it. More people seeing your home makes it more likely for someone to pay full price for it. Hard to see houses will simply be ignored and your potential buyers will look elsewhere.

3. Unkempt Home

Be sure to keep your home clean. Clean your home from top to bottom frequently as buyers typically hate messy homes. Be sure that your house is free of clutter, smell nice and without odd stains. If your house looks clean it will help the chances of people purchasing it.

4. Still needs fixing.

A lot of people think “oh I’m selling my house, I don’t need to fix this.” This is a big mistake, as many buyers will avoid homes that need even light repairs. Make sure to patch things up that need it around the house. It’s much cheaper and safer to repair things yourself that you know need fixing, than to have a potential buyer see it and decide against buying your home.

5. Poor Showing Etiquette

Have good showing etiquette. If your agent is bringing a buyer over, take your dog, and your kids and go to the park or something. Get out of the house. Some people are afraid of dogs, some people hate kids, and other people want the privacy of looking at a house without the seller breathing down their neck. You may think “this is my house, I do what I want.”, but that will hurt you, as you’re trying to sell. Leaving will help put your buyers at ease, as they can look at the house free of issue. As a side note a bouquet of flowers on the table looks really good, as does a pitcher of lemonade and a plate of cookies.

6. Emotional Decisions

Lastly, do not make selling decisions based on emotion. Selling your home is a dollars and cents business transaction, nothing more. People will sometimes refuse to sell their house last minute due to an emotional tie to the home or because they don’t like the buyer. Do not let emotional ties to the home affect your judgement, it makes you look bad and may hurt your chances in future transactions. Remember these people aren’t kicking you out of your home, they’re buying your house so they can have a home of their own.

Don’t make these mistakes! If you’re considering selling your home don’t hesitate to call National Realty Group at (800) 406-9606, or stop by our office. We’ll find you an agent that will do their best to make sure you sell your house!